The Maritime Telegraph/ «Morskaya Pravda»

The Maritime Telegraph / «Morskaya Pravda» has been active in the market for over 15 years (since 2005). Today more than 50 companies cooperate with us on an ongoing basis. The publication is also sent to foreign shipowners.

We always take into account the needs of partners and offer not only advertising, but also the opportunity to inform readers about the development of the company by posting informational articles.

 Наши рекламодатели могут разместить рекламный баннер на нашем сайте или в наших соц.сетях (Facebook — 25 000 подписчиков, Instagram — 2300 подписчиков и Telegram-канал — 400 подписчиков)

В работе мы, прежде всего, ценим качество и профессионализм, что позволяет нам оставаться востребованными и популярными среди специалистов морской отрасли.


The Maritime Telegraph is the leading maritime newspaper in Eastern Europe which is published on paper and on-line. Our audience is maritime executives, maritime human resources professionals, maritime educational institutions, unions, and, of course, the seafarers.

The newspaper has been represented at the market since 2005. Today more than 50 leading companies cooperate with us on a regular basis.
One of our advantages: the editions are sent to the offices of the biggest shipowners around the world.

Publishing in the newspaper, Facebook and website is a proven way to be seen and read by the target audience.